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Fine to believe in animal welfare, but shouldn't tell other people what to do


By the same logic , one should not teach anybody anything. Believing in animal welfare means believing in compassion , nonviolence and respect for all life all of which are worthy values deserving of being preached as well as being practised. If you know of a way to make the world a better place , it becomes your moral duty to share and multiply that knowledge. It is through the teachings of religious , spiritual and moral leaders that the world has progressed to civilized thought and action. If Gandhi had not told us about passive resistance, we would still be ruled by the British . If Abraham Lincoln had not told Southern America that slavery was unacceptable, it would have taken far longer for the black movement to succeed. If you know it to be wrong to hit or hurt a fellow being , you need to share that understanding and persuade others of what you know to be right.

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