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What's wrong with drinking milk? Don't dairy cows need to be milked?


It is unnatural for any adult to be drinking milk. Milk is a glandular secretion produced by the female of every mammal species as a complete food for her young – until they develop teeth to chew. Once you have teeth , your body stops producing the enzyme lactase which is need to digest lactose. Mother’s milk of any species contains all the nutrients required by the young of that species to grow to its natural size. Therefore a cow’s milk is suited for a big boned creature with 4 stomachs that will grow to an average weight of 200 kg. It is entirely unsuited for a single stomached small boned human of less than half that weight. Milk causes digestive disorders including flatulence and irritable bowel syndrome as well as respiratory disease. Ayurveda has included milk among the 5 white poisons, the other four being sugar, salt, white rice and flour.

Apart from being unhealthy, milk is also extremely cruel as it causes the cow to be kept permanently pregnant, carrying even while she is feeding. It also causes millions of male calves to be slaughtered which is why they are now commonly called ‘katras’ or born to be cut. Osho refers to milk as white blood.

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