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If everyone turns vegetarianism, will there be enough for everyone to eat?


On the contrary , if we all turned vegetarian , there would be 10 times as much food to go around. Meat is the least efficient form of food. It takes ten times the resources–land , water and energy– to produce meat as it does to produce grain. One acre of land can grow either 60 kg of meat or 600 kg of wheat. This is why Mahatma Gandhi said , it is the meat of the rich that steals the bread of the poor. Vegetarianism is the solution to world hunger.

Soyabean is the richest source of protein. Tofu, dal, beans and greens provide plenty of protein. In any case , the protein requirement for humans is only 25 gm per 1000 calories. You can get this from even potatoes or peanuts. Most common plant foods (grains, most nuts and seeds) meet the protein requirements, while others ( pumpkin seeds, beans , peas and lentils) exceed them by a considerable margin. While meat , eggs and milk provide a similar level of protein to peas and beans, there is good reason to avoid them because of their high sulphur content which is metabolized to sulphuric acid causing the kidneys to excrete more calcium and reducing blood and urine ph. Animal protein negatively impacts calcium balance and is associated with declining kidney function.

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