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Animals kill other animals for food, so why shouldn't we?


Animals observe the three rules that are crucial to the foodchain—they only kill to eat , they eat only when they’re hungry and they reproduce only in sustainable numbers. Humans have violated all three rules and are no longer part of the foodchain. While it is natural for carnivores to eat meat , it is entirely unnatural for humans to do so . We have neither the speed, strength nor stealth to catch prey. Unlike natural carnivores , we are not nocturnal, our saliva is alkaline , we have neither tearing teeth nor nails and we have long intestines which cause meat to rot inside our bodies. While a cat’s mouth waters, our natural reaction to raw flesh and blood is revulsion. Eating meat causes a host of diseases in humans including cancer, stroke, diabetes, obesity and heart disease. While animals have to hunt to survive , humans live longer and healthier on non-meat diets.

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